John Quinn Photographer | About

John is a product of both Newcastle College of Art & Industrial Design and what is now known as the Ealing Hammersmith & West London College and commenced his professional career in photography as an assistant to American fashion photographer David Gittens who had studios in London & Milan. During this time the importance of location organisation, communication and professionalism was learnt .                                                                     

As a photographer he has had many years working with high profile clients, working throughout Europe which were preceded by a short period working out of Studio Carnot in Paris.Later came a two year involvement with AK Werbefotographie Studios in Germany & London which ultimately had a great influence on his approach to shooting interiors. Over the last few years, as well as dealing with his  photographic schedule, John was involved as an Associate Lecturer at Newcastle College Faculty of Creative Industries.

John is also a founder member of The Chalet Photographers


Not sure if this is any kind of recommendation?... from TR Butler, (Creative Directer )............

"Having known Q for some 25 years, I'm probably one of the few that has eaten, drank, slept ( not too closely ) holiday'd with at home and abroad, been to concerts,subjected to numerous playmates, car crashed, blagged, detained by police, had water buckets thrown over, ink in toothpaste, fags exploded, gaffer taped and sealed in bedrooms, bar dived with, puked with, been ill with, lectured with, presented with, sorted out the world with, worked ( too many times to count ) with, and had the time of my life with. He is charming, suave, sophisticated, sarcastic, witty, wins over the hearts of many and is one of the most prolific bullshitter in the business, a cad and a vagabond extrordinaire!

On a more serious note, he is a man of many talents and being so traveled he can order beer in several languages as well as produce a shoot any where in the world involving umpteen people. From simple studio still life product or food shot set ups to fully blown fashion extravaganzas, his organisation and photographic abilities are awesome.

Having worked with many of his contemporaries, Q is undoubtedly one of our leading professional photographers. His knowledge of lighting, techniques, effects, management skills, people management, coupled with pre and post production makes him second to none. The ability to lead, cajole, coerce, threaten and tutor his assistants and students alike is a joy to behold.Overall, his encompassing gifted handling of his art form makes the man an asset to any potential client, colleague, student or simply people who have met him, a lasting partnership. It has been a true pleasure to have been one of the very lucky people who have been touched by the sheer magic and presence of knowing, playing and working with John Quinn."